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Kera O'Bryon: Actress, Singer, Voice TalentKera O’Bryon: Voice Talent

Kera has an extraordinary range of voices, styles, emotions, and accents. From the youngest voice to the wizened elderly, from the cool teenager to curious child, and the driven professional, she can get the message across. Add to that a great on-camera presence and you have a complete package. Please review the voice and video samples below and contact Kera today!

Need a voice? Ask. I’ll be happy to create some samples. What do I need? Your script, some description of how you view the speaker (age, gender, region, etc.), and you are trying to accomplish with your piece.

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Kera O’Bryon: Featured Actress

Disney Cruises Featured Narrator

Lawyers in Cages

We’ve got an ad airing during the Super Bowl. You might see it depending on where you live. But why wait? We’re posting it early. It’s a shortened version of our extremely popular—3 million views and counting—ad, “Lawyers in Cages.” If you’ve ever seen those Humane Society of the United States commercials with sad, slow music and heartbreaking images of dogs and cats, you’ll recognize what’s going on here. Just remember one thing: If you want to help pets, give to your local humane society, not the Humane Society of the United States. Just a Little Girl

The Potential Inside Movie Trailer

Muscletone Promotional Video for the YMCA

I’m Not Invisible

Regen Trailer

Actress, Singer, Voice Talent
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