Conquering the Rose | Lead (Meredith) | Ten Sundays Pictures | J. W. Whalen

The Perfect Breed |Lead (Grace Sherwood) | SHProductions | Scott Hansen

Red Sheep |Lead (Millicent) | The Martin Agency | David McKay

Atlantis Down |Lead (Dr Sarah Jenkins) | Maxam Productions | Max Bartoli

Northrop Grumman |War Room Technician | Northrop Grumman | Metro/Richie Ellison

IMAX “We the People” |Lead (Minuteman’s Widow) | IMAX | Amy Byrd

The Potential Within |Lead (Sara) | Red Cloud Films | James Burgess

The Bill Collector |Lead (Ramona) | Crusen Films | Cristobal Crusen

Wild Michigan (W/ Rance Howard) |Principal (Karen) | Collective Development | Jeff Kennedy

Morning Light |Lead (Wife) | Regent Films | Jeffrey Dear

Summertime Christmas |Lead (Amy) | Ehrenkrook Ent | Andrew Ehrenkrook

Book of Ruth |Lead (Orpah) | Reel Frog Films | Stephen P. Walker

Ghost Town |Featured (Mrs. Sorrells) | CDI Films | Jeff Kennedy

Blameless |Lead (News Anchor) | Regent Pictures | Joshua Overbay

Pilgrim’s Progress |Featured (Discretion) | DRC Films | Danny Carrales

Christmas & the Civil War |Lead (Louisa May Alcott) | Historical Ent | Pamela Wagner

k2Gravity |Featured (Amy) | High Noon Pictures | Peter Eaton

Breaking Up is Hard to Do |Lead (Judge) | Regent Pictures | Jon Sutton

In hushed Darkness |Lead | Regent Pictures | Sara A Meline

Stop Dancing, Peacock |Lead | Regent Pictures | Loni Albertson

And Justice for All |Lead (Claudett) | Regent Pictures | Roger Spendlove

Breaking Up |Lead | Regent Pictures | Jush Mims

Masquerade |Lead (Ines) | Regent Pictures | Carrie Leeper

Star Child |Featured (Susan) | Chesca Media, LLC | Lou Angeli

Judges |Lead (Lila) | Rizzo Productions | Stephen Walker

Moving |Lead (Ashley) | Marjoram Productions | Jon Friedman

Minority Report |Stand-in (2) Leads | 20th Century Fox | Steven Spielburg

Byline |Lead (Parker) | Regent Pictures | David Acuff

Hamartia |Lead (Young Faus) | Regent Pictures | Joshua Durkin

Eating and Weeping |Lead (Veronique) | Handbag Pictures | Leo Johnson

Six Bullets, 7 Strangers |Lead | Paradigm Pictures | Kimball Carr

Bizarre Love Triangle |Lead (Noni) | Old Dominion | Dana Poblete

Reckoning |Lead(Dr Carel Moore) | Regent Pictures | Julio A Ibanez

7 Minute Lull |Lead (Karen) | Regent Pictures | Jason Richards

The Gathering |Featured (Amy) | DRC Films | Danny Carrales

The Shortest Distance |Lead (Celeste) | Koi Keepers | Jon Abrahams

The Big Event |Lead ( Grace) | Evening Britches | Mike Dimursky

Neighborhood Watch |Featured (Dog Walker) | martin Agency | Lucas Krost


Kera’s television credits include the “Legends & Lies”, “Body Politic”, “FBI Files”, “The Prosecutor’s”, “The New Detectives,” and “NASA’s Destination Tomorrow”, just to name a few, along with numerous film credits.

Body Politic |(Pilot) Reporter | National | CBS/ Scott Winant

Lincoln’s Last Night |Laura Keene | National | National Geographic

The Bureau: |”Exxon Executive” | FBI Agent Carrie | National M2 Pictures/Faber

A Haunting: Gateway from Hell |Janet Mackey | National | NDP Joe Cachiotti

Hauntings #30102“Summerwind” |Ginger Kendall | National | NDP Christian Faber

FBI Files #107 “The Shootist” |Featured | National | New Dominon Pictures

DestinationTomorrow |Host | International | Emmy winner/12 Awards

The Knock Knock Show |Lead | National | (Fox Family/TLC)

FBI Files |Principal | National | (Discovery Channel)

The New Detectives |Lead | National | (Discovery Channel)

Navy Seals |Principal | National | (Discovery Channel)

B.E.S.T. |Host | Regional | (Cable)

PBS Telethon WHRO |Host | PBS | (Bi-anually)

Interpol: Body Double |Medical Examiner | National | (National Geographic)

TubCuts |Correspondent Host | National |